Affinity houses pass up planned Green Key events

by Anna Parachkevova | 5/14/04 5:00am

While Greek houses on Webster Avenue get ready to host wild parties, crowds of students and pong tournaments in their basements for Green Key weekend, only a few affinity houses will be putting together their own events.

Cutter-Shabazz Hall is the only affinity house scheduled to host a Green Key weekend party. Cutter-Shabazz's party, organized by the Afro-American society, is slated to take place on Saturday evening.

The party takes place almost every year after the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity's Step Show, Afro-American society president Johanna Thomas '04 said.

"The step show is a huge event in the black community and the Cutter-Shabazz basement provides a nice space to house a party to celebrate the hard work of the step show participants as well as another way to bring the black community and greater Dartmouth community together in a social environment," Thomas said.

Thomas also stressed that although Cutter-Shabazz is providing the party's social space, the affinity house is not directly responsible for organizing the event.

"Cutter-Shabazz is not doing anything specific for Green Key. I am not sure they ever really have ... I am not sure of any such expectations," Afro-American society adviser Dawn Hemphill said.

Program directors, liaisons and residents of affinity houses cited the plethora of parties during Green Key as the main reason for their houses' inactivity this coming weekend.

"We might have a dinner, but there won't be anything big," Native American House resident Jesse Sixkiller '06 said. "There's a million parties out there."

French and Italian program director Stephane Frioux said that his affinity residence is not equipped to host a party because it is located within McCulloch Hall.

Frioux said that rather than hosting parties, the program tends to host events like film series, concerts, discussions and art exhibitions.

"We've organized French dinners, we show weekly French films and we've made a trip to Montreal, but we don't do social events when there are already events at Collis, in the frats or somewhere else," Frioux said. "The students are pretty independent here."

Representatives from La Casa and the Latin American Latino and Caribbean house, which have hosted parties in the past, said they also decided against holding an event this weekend. Officials in both houses cited the large number of existing social options.

The Asian Studies Center, the Kade German Center and Foley House also have no events scheduled for this weekend.