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Earth-Friendly Cleaning

(05/14/03 9:00am)

As the end of the term approaches quickly, many students around campus will soon be looking around their rooms and marveling at the large quantities of "stuff" they have accumulated over the course of the term or year. Perhaps the most common reaction is simply to toss everything possible into the nearest trash can, pack up and go home. However, I would like to suggest a more environmentally friendly and philanthropically minded way to deal with the clutter and will now walk you through just how to do this.

Left Behind

(05/13/03 9:00am)

The Naderites who claim that there are no significant differences between the two major political parties need to pull their heads out from under the sand every now and then and take a look at what is actually going on. Contrary to the rhetoric of third-party candidates in the 2000 presidential election, Republicans and Democrats are presenting the American public with stark choices in virtually every realm of political discourse. Whether it is foreign, economic or social policy, finding people on the left who disagree with President Bush's stances is not difficult. What is difficult, however, is trying to get these critics to come up with a positive agenda for America's future.