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Who won the first of the presidential debates? Bush

(10/05/00 9:00am)

If anything of substance can be said about Tuesday night's presidential debate between Al Gore and George W. Bush, it's that voters can see for the first time that these two men differ significantly in opinion on the issues that matter most to the American people. Gore was able to successfully use his seemingly infinite knowledge of policy to knock his opponent off guard while Bush, I believe, was finally able to come across as someone who is intelligent and capable enough to serve as president.

Who won the first of the presidential debates? Gore

(10/05/00 9:00am)

Vice President Gore's victory in last night's debate was anticipated, given his reputed expertise in debate, but the narrowness of the win was a surprise. Polls taken after the debate by CNN/Time showed that voters felt Governor George W. Bush performed relatively well in the debate, defying the expectations of many. In effect, Gore's mastery of facts and numbers and his control of the tone and topic of the debate was only barely enough to overpower Bush's something. What exactly did Bush have? Ah, yes -- it's not really what he had or what he did, it's more what he didn't do. It's clear that the reason people thought Bush did well is that he wasn't as stupid and slow-footed as they expected him to be. Unfortunately for Gore, Bush was able to talk clearly and explain his ideas most of the time -- this in itself a tremendous achievement for a man who rivals Dan Quayle in the category of verbal blunders. Yet while Bush did manage to capture many hearts with his surprisingly articulate speech, boyish grin, lame jokes and personal attacks, Gore succeeded in showing Americans his position on several domestic issues while casting doubts on Bush's.

Recruiting Season

(10/05/00 9:00am)

It's almost that merry season in Hanover again. No, I don't mean the season when fat men dress up in red suits. I'm talking about the season when frat guys dress up in business suits. All of a sudden, friends of yours, who usually walk around campus in shoes held together by duct tape, have taken to looking downright respectable. What gives? One word: interviews. Five more words: They are about to start.

Beware of National Polls

(10/04/00 9:00am)

As I examine the daily papers or log onto, I am greeted with the news that George W. Bush has apparently recaptured the adoration of the American people and is once again running in a dead heat with Al Gore in the 2000 presidential race. This news comes without a major policy announcement in the last two weeks or a new slew of campaign ads, so how is it that Bush appears to have turned his campaign around? Many would say that it is a result of the positive feedback Bush received from his latest tour of the powder puff talk shows, including Oprah, Regis and Larry King (I am still waiting to see them announce a debate on The Daily Show). Whatever the reason, CNN's daily national tracking poll showed Bush going from 10 points down to three points up in a seven- day period. Since then the same poll has the race back into a tie, with each candidate at 45 percent of those polled. The widely respected Gallup Poll has shown a similar trend. How seriously should we take these numbers? Do national polls accurately reflect the balance of the race or should we be looking for some more convincing evidence?

The Talking Box

(10/04/00 9:00am)

As with many people in America, I occasionally have the occasion to watch a little TV. This impressive device, found in living rooms, bedrooms and dorm rooms across the country, has often been maligned by mean-spirited critics, prompting them to dub it "the idiot box," "the boob tube" or "the goddamned television." Friends, I wish to occupy the opposite ground, and take a moment to laud the greatest invention since six-string guitars.

Apple Computers Versus Windows Machines: The Battle

(10/04/00 9:00am)

The question of operating system supremacy is one that many people confront when it comes time to buying a computer, especially here at Dartmouth. Many people might think that it would be a disadvantage to have a PC on a campus that is predominantly Mac-oriented. However, we both own PCs and together have only had three occasions where we had to use software that was available only for the Macintosh. In those cases, we could either use a friend's computer for a while or go to one of the computer labs. Aside from those instances, we have never had a problem with running our PCs. And the popularity of PCs on campus and the available support is increasing every year, meaning that it will become increasingly unlikely that PC users will be at any sort of disadvantage.

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