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Women's lax faces national team

(10/09/98 9:00am)

After coming up one game short of the national championship, one would not expect the Dartmouth women's lacrosse team to be concerned with building experience. But that is about all they will be able to do against the United States Women's National Team this Saturday at Boston University. The National team is a collection of the most talented women lacrosse players in the United States.

In Defense of Capitalism

(10/09/98 9:00am)

I would like to thank Robert Sutton for unveiling, to the benefit of all students and faculty at Dartmouth, his "Capitalist Column," in which he will present a view of events around the world through the eyes of a capitalist. Sutton is an ardent believer in the merits of capitalism and not, as some have mistakenly believed, the president of the '80s Preservation Society (though I do believe that he is a member in good standing). As a comrade-in-arms with Sutton, I realize that capitalism is a beleaguered force in the world today.

The Name Game

(10/09/98 9:00am)

We often tend to view our names as something vital to the definition of who we are. An integral part of our identity, one could say. I have always liked my name -- short, powerful. Jeff Deck. Translated, it means "Heavenly Peace ... something that you put patio furniture on." But when I came to Dartmouth, I was astounded.

A Frat Guy's Perspective

(10/08/98 9:00am)

As I began to read David Berenson's column ["Decide for Yourself," The Dartmouth, Oct. 6] on the detrimental influence of fraternities on the Dartmouth campus, my vision began to blur and my head began to spin. No, this was not due to the rabid anger that tends to rise in my blood whenever I am exposed to another piece of preachy anti-fraternity propaganda, but rather the fact that I had just finished my 7th game of beer pong on a typical Tuesday night at my fraternity.