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Murder mayhem infests Spaulding

(10/31/97 11:00am)

This year's coincidence of Halloween and Homecoming will probably be one of the most interesting weekends Hanover has seen in a long time. But, just in case there still are not enough options to satisfy your social appetite, the Dartmouth Film Society is adding some appropriate seasonal flavor with a screening of two of the most popular horror movies of recent years: "Halloween" and "Scream," at 9:00 and 10:30, respectively, tonight.

Coming Home

(10/31/97 11:00am)

From my somewhat less-than-glorious days of high school up until now, I have always figured any event related to "Homecoming" to be in celebration of the return home of a football team; after all, football has been the main draw surrounding all Homecoming festivities since the beginning of time (roughly 1769, I am told). I have repeatedly envisioned almighty gridiron warriors, road-weary and battle-tested, returning finally to the friendly confines of their home field and adoring fans to fight for the honor of their school in an all-important match-up against a rival pigskin powerhouse.

Crossing the Streams

(10/31/97 11:00am)

Choose and perish. I never thought that any weekend could top the craziness of last Green Key. It was the party equivalent of a culminating experience. From Beerios to golf at two in the morning, that weekend truly had it all. We put more effort into our spring celebration than many classes. However, looking ahead to this Homecoming weekend, I think that we may have a new challenger for the title of caziest weekend. This weekend has the potential to be one of the most memorable of the year. It is a simple result of the convergence of three very important dates. Halloween, Harvard weekend, and Homecoming.

Dartmouth Memories

(10/31/97 11:00am)

I know, I know. Pretty much everything Ihave to say is negative. I whine a lot, and I bad-mouth everything I possibly can about the College, and the administration in particular. But I am actually a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. No, really. I'm actually very nice and friendly. We should hang out sometime. So today, in this special Homecoming edition of The Dartmouth, I want to write about something cheery. Something that alums can read and say "Yay for Dartmouth!" I'm going to talk about the truly awesome things at this school, or at least what I see them as after a year and a term.

The Official Homecoming Party Guide

(10/31/97 11:00am)

After the bonfire has gone out, it's party time on the Dartmouth campus. Whether you're searching for dancing, music or frothy beverages, Homecoming inspires some of the greatest parties of the term. While numerous fraternities, sororities and coeducational societies are keeping their doors closed this weekend for private gatherings with alumni, there are a select few holding open parties for all upperclassmen to partake of. Except for Panarchy, none of these parties allow freshmen.Sorry, '01s. No fratting for you. Wait until Winter Carnival...