Bosworth approved as ambassador by Senate

by The Dartmouth Staff | 11/3/97 6:00am

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Stephen Bosworth will be sworn in as the U.S. ambassador to South Korea on November 7, about two weeks after his nomination was confirmed by a majority vote on the Senate floor.

The Senate approved Bosworth's nomination on Oct. 21, after he was endorsed by the 18-member Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He will keep his post as chairman of Dartmouth's Board.

When Bosworth appeared before the Senate panel on Sept. 24, three weeks after being nominated by President Clinton, he said he will "greatly welcome the opportunity and the challenge" of working in South Korea.

Bosworth is executive director of the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization in New York, which is responsible for delivering $5 billion of energy to North Korea in exchange for the dismantling of the nation's currently unsafe nuclear program.

Bosworth's position as the head of this international consortium was an important factor in his nomination, a State Department official told The Dartmouth in September.

Bosworth has served on the Board since 1992 and became chairman in the spring of 1996.