Local shops, law enforcement gear up for big weekend, many visitors

by Roy Lee | 10/31/97 6:00am

Students are not the only ones anxiously waiting for Homecoming weekend.

As one of Dartmouth's biggest events draws closer, local businesses as well as Hanover Police prepare for the massive crowd expected on campus.

With the return of alumni and recent Dartmouth graduates, sales for local businesses peak with the arrival of Homecoming weekend.

"Homecoming weekend is huge," Chris Stow, manager of the Dartmouth Coop, said.

Tony Faccheroni, a bartender at Murphy's On the Green, said Homecoming weekend nights are some of the busiest nights of the year.

"Business is very good and we are busy all weekend long," Faccheroni said.

Matt Marshall, the manager of the Hanover Inn, said many businesses enlarge their staff and ensure they are fully stocked for the great number of visitors who will flock to Hanover this weekend.

Local inns and hotels have been booked as far back as a year in advance, Marshall said.

Brian Taylor, a front desk clerk at Holiday Inn in West Lebanon, said, "We are full and have been full for about a month now."

"People have been making reservations for three months in advance for the Homecoming weekend," he said.

Best Western in White River Junction said they have no vacancies during Homecoming weekend and have been that way for the past month.

With thousands of people arriving, many of whom may be drinking heavily, the Hanover Police and Safety and Security said this weekend is the busiest time of the year.

Hanover Police Chief Nick Giaccone said he plans to "augment the patrol forces and make more rounds."

"We just find a lot of alcohol violations around the campus," he said.

Crime Preventions Officer Rebel Roberts said Safety and Security receives a lot of complaints during Homecoming weekend.

The numbers of crimes and violations committed are also high during the weekend, said Roberts.

"Generally, we're seeing an increase in break-ins," she said.

Safety and Security annually warns that "students lock their doors and report suspicious activities" and "depend on students" more than ever.

Roberts said they "post blitz bulletins for the weekend and paper flyers to warn people to make sure students report any suspicious activities."

Local businesses say they worry little about criminal incidents being a problem during the two-day event.

There has been little increase in criminal incidents reported in recent years.

Marshall said, "We have the usual security people coming in during the Homecoming weekend."

Stow said he does not worry about criminal incidents because of the extra people working during the weekend.