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Letter to the Editor

(03/28/19 6:00am)

How embarrassing is it that nearly 30 years after the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, and nearly 10 years after then-Dean of the Faculty Carol Folt pledged to rectify this problem, Dartmouth still can’t provide an equal education to students with disabilities? Worse, it’s no surprise that Dartmouth is now forced to settle a lawsuit over this; perhaps the $3 billion “Call to Lead” campaign ought to be renamed the “Call to Pay All of Our Avoidable Legal Bills” campaign.

Letter to the Editor: End Campus Hunger

(06/22/18 6:10am)

Last week, Harvard professor Dr. Anthony Abraham Jack visited the College to discuss the growing food insecurity epidemic within higher education. He, like many of today’s students, lacked an adequate supply of nutritious, affordable food in college. During his talk, the audience affirmed his call to end campus hunger. No one transitioned to discuss solutions.

Letter to the Editor: Register as an Organ Donor

(05/24/18 6:00am)

Most people excitedly await the coming festivities of their 21st birthday and their first legal taste of alcohol. However, this celebration is often coupled with a more mundane activity: renewing their driver’s license at the Department of Motor Vehicles. This boring trip to the DMV, however, could actually be the most important part of birthdays. This is because at the DMV, people can register to become organ donors — addressing a little-known, but major nationwide problem with the simple checking of a box.

Letter to the Editor: New Challenges in New Times

(04/26/18 6:05am)

 I am writing in response to the article “College purchases $66 million in oil and gas fund” by Ruben Gallardo. I have not written to The Dartmouth since the fall of 1963, when the paper published a number of my letters concerning coeducation. In 1963, coeducation was far out of the comfort zone of the majority of undergraduates. Today, it appears that the challenges posed by climate disruption are far out of the comfort zone of many at the College. I would be very interested to learn what the current undergraduate feelings are with respect to the threat climate disruption poses to their futures. What does the Class of 2018 think Hanover will be like in 50 years?

Letter to the Editor: A Good Professor, A Good Man

(05/25/17 4:05am)

Native American studies professor Bruce Duthu '80 is the best professor I have ever had, among those I have encountered at Dartmouth, Yale Divinity School or the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He is a good person and a good scholar who has compiled an impressive administrative resume at Dartmouth and Vermont Law School. He would make an outstanding dean of the faculty.

Letter to the Editor: Student Votes Are Welcome

(05/12/17 4:17am)

This past Tuesday, the Hanover town meeting voting process underwent a “stress test” resulting from the welcome but unprecedented student turnout, spurred by the inclusion of a proposed zoning amendment addressing “student residences.” Elected officials and a staff of volunteer assistants, who typically prepare for 1000 voters but expect far fewer, needed to process about 3,500 voters, including 244 same-day registrants. As always, students came to vote in several surges throughout the day, often by the busload.

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