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The D-Constructed Cook: MSG

(05/17/21 6:05am)

MSG is making its revival. Formally known as monosodium glutamate, MSG is an additive, like salt or sugar, that is used as a food seasoning. Famous chefs like J. Kenji López-Alt and David Chang praise MSG for its unique umami flavor and encourage home cooks to try it. Samrit Nosrat, author of the bestselling cookbook “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat,” claims that MSG is the “best $2 you can spend at the grocery store,” and I couldn’t agree more. 

The D-Constructed Cook: Soondubu Jjigae

(04/05/21 6:00am)

Cooking Korean food can be intimidating, especially for a beginner cook. Not only can it be difficult to identify the ingredients necessary for a particular recipe, but figuring out how to use each one can also be intimidating. For those looking for an accessible dish to start with, soondubu jjigae is a great introduction to Korean flavors and ingredients and is especially satisfying at this time of year. While it’s still relatively cold out, I love sipping on this warm and spicy broth and feeling satiated after a meal — without feeling overstuffed. When fresh spring vegetables are not yet available, I often resort to pantry staples to cook my favorite Korean dish, and I urge any beginner cook to explore this dish as well.

Column: Can Dartmouth get sustainable food access right?

(11/10/17 5:00am)

Recently, Dartmouth announced a clear commitment to address food sustainability throughout campus dining by initiating the formation of a “food working group” comprised of a collective of students, faculty and staff. As one of the students serving in this group, I am as nervous as I am hopeful, and while not jaded, certainly uncertain. I wonder — what would a comprehensive sustainable food action plan look like, and how could we direct our efforts into getting it right? 

Talking about Food: deconstructing taste and navigating ‘foodways’

(10/13/17 5:20am)

Talking about food is challenging because it is never just about food. Food is inextricably tied to one’s being. To all, food is indicative of identity, a myriad of intersections. So much so that there is even an academic term for it: “foodways,” defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the traditional customs or habits of a group of people concerning food and eating.”

New, Old Food: Preserving the fall harvest (and all those apples)

(09/29/17 4:00am)

Those who work the land or live off of it know that although it may seem like the weather is fit for sowing thanks to the bout of warm weather this week, preparations on all fronts are in place for harvest. The Upper Valley, and New England in general, has brief, impressively productive and incredibly seasonal agricultural contributions. 

Mastering the art of cooking in college: a step-by-step guide

(09/22/17 4:00am)

Experienced cooks know that a good plan is essential to culinary success. The ability to think ahead, work quickly and neatly and manage time efficiently makes both cooking and the completed dish excellent. So much so that in professional cooking, the quality of one’s mise en place, loosely translating to “everything in its place” — meaning items, ingredients, motions and timing — quickly distinguishes the best from the rest. Yet, even for the seasoned chef, cooking at college can present sets of new challenges that can make even a simple plan needlessly complex.  

Quiz: Is it Worth the Free Food?

(02/23/17 6:33am)

Every event organizer knows that the best way to ensure (at least minimal) attendance from flaky college kids is non-DDS free food. The blitzes and GroupMes provide a constant stream of possibilities, but when it comes down to it there’s most definitely A-side and B-side options in the free food world. Many factors come into play when determining whether or not the trek to Collis or Novack is worth the reward, so here’s a quiz to help you with your decision:

Nine Types of GroupMes You've Been a Part Of

(02/04/17 1:45am)

Whether you like it or not, the GroupMe messaging app is an integral part of the Dartmouth experience. It somehow has all your contacts and lets you get in touch with almost everyone on campus, so naturally it’s a go-to for the groups that don’t necessarily need your digits. The number of chats you’re in is directly proportional to your social capital, since with more involvement comes more GroupMes. And while everyone’s experience with GroupMe is unique, there are common themes that unite all typical Dartmouth students. Here are a few examples of the types of GroupMes that you’ve been a part of during your years here:

Pig-Sticklers: How Vegetarian Alpha Chi's Plan to Spend Pigstick

(05/06/16 9:00am)

This Saturday is Pigstick, Alpha Chi’s big event of the term. There will be music, kegs, revelry and plenty of delicious meat cooked by Dartmouth’s own Collis Ray. As a member of AXA myself, I thought I’d talk to some fellow Alpha Chi’s who swore off meat to see how they plan to approach this event. (Yes, this is a dumb idea for an article. No, I have no idea why I pitched it.)

Foco Superfoods

(02/09/16 1:00pm)

Foco has and always will be a Dartmouth dining enigma. Every time I walk out of Foco, I somehow leave more confused than I was walking in: Why is the froyo machine still broken? What exactly is in the vegan pizza? But the strangest of Foco offerings—the Foco “superfoods”—go largely unnoticed by most meal-swiping students (Hey, 19s!). Most believe that these superfoods, located right above the salad dressings, have amazing nutritional benefits. But how do they taste? This week, Dartbeat took to the test to find out:

Chews Wisely: Big Fatty’s BBQ

(02/01/16 10:40am)

I woke up a little late on Sunday. Okay, more than a little late. I woke up and it was lunchtime, the later end of lunchtime. But I woke up with a smile on my face because I knew I was about to order takeout from Big Fatty's BBQ. Ten minutes later I was on the phone, and I said something I thought I would never hear myself say: "I’d like a Fatty Daddy to go, please." Aside from my fear that someone overheard me asking for something called a Fatty Daddy, I knew it was going to be a good afternoon.

Chews Wisely: Kata Thai Kitchen

(01/19/16 12:21pm)

If you’re not looking for Kata Thai Kitchen, you definitely won’t find it. Tucked beneath an unmarked staircase across the alley—err—street from Everything But Anchovies, the restaurant doesn’t get much foot traffic. Luckily I knew where to look, and when I made it inside, it was nothing like what I expected. The interior appears equal parts retro diner, Chipotle and nightclub (the lighting is dim and ambient). And oh yeah, they serve Thai food.

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