Chews Wisely: Tuckerbox

By Sam Forstner | 2/9/16 6:00am

On the morning of Super Bowl 50, knowing I would soon be feasting my eyes on and stuffing my face with everything that makes this country great, I made my way to White River Junction for something a little different. My destination: Tuckerbox Café, a Middle-Eastern restaurant/coffee shop hybrid.

Tuckerbox has the ambience of a classic coffee shop (think more Dirt Cowboy than Starbucks), but with the added bonus of falafel. It looks like the perfect place to order a cup of coffee, take out your laptop and ear buds, and pretend to be hard at work for hours while people stare at you in disgust. Tuckerbox offers a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, in addition to a long menu of different coffees and espressos.

For lunch, I ordered the Döner Kebab—marinated lamb and beef slow-roasted on vertical rotisserie and served over a salad. The thin strips of smoky meat were balanced perfectly by the blend of crisp leafy greens and refreshing yogurt sauce. While it was certainly more of a snack than a meal, it was tasty until the very last bite. To the Dartmouth students, townies or anyone else in the area reading this food column, I highly recommend making the trip to Tuckerbox Café in White River Junction.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sam Forstner