Flowchart: How to Find That Person You Met During Trips

By Gigi Grigorian | 11/3/17 2:00pm

Trips is an undeniably overwhelming experience for incoming Dartmouth students. This summer, '21s encountered countless new people in the span of just five short days. During Trips, some close friendships are formed, especially between trippees. Other relationships, such as those between you and that person you met at the Lodj, involved little more than exchanging names and hometowns.

Now, as the term approaches its end, you might be wondering why you met a potential friend on Trips and then literally never saw them again. "It's been almost two months! How have we not crossed paths?" you might be wondering. If you want to find this elusive person, use our flowchart to figure out the best way to track them down.

Gigi Grigorian