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Students find opportunities for political involvement on campus

New Hampshire is neither red nor blue. While the state’s representation in Congress is entirely Democratic, a Republican, Chris Sununu, has been governor since 2017. Although Dartmouth remains majority liberal, the range of ideologies among campus political groups reflects the swing-state nature of New Hampshire.

Flair has a ubiquitous presence on Dartmouth's campus on big weekends.


The role of flair at the College dates back years

When Dartmouth students try to articulate why the College is special, flair is frequently cited as a uniquely Dartmouth phenomenon and for good reason. Although the origins of the term “flair” cannot be identified, a 2008 article published in The Dartmouth said that it may have been derived from the 1999 movie “Office Space” with Jennifer Aniston . In the film, Aniston’s character must wear expressive pins for her job as a waitress. 

Hanover town manager Julia Griffin alleges that Orient Chinese and Japanese was illegally pouring grease into a Hanover storm drain.


Downtown Hanover sees additional business closures

Hanover restaurant Orient Chinese and Japanese closed suddenly this week after it was discovered that the restaurant was pouring grease into a Hanover storm drain, according to Hanover town manager Julia Griffin.


Martha Hennessey '76 relates physical assault at College

Amidst the fervor of the #MeToo movement and the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, New Hampshire state senator Martha Hennessey ’76 has spoken out about her personal experience with gender-based violence at the College in 1976. In September, Hennessey described an incident in which she, a female student in the early days of coeducation at the College, was beaten by a fraternity brother while attending a birthday party for a friend at a Greek house.


Tuck hosts annual Tuck Runs for Veterans

Green Key was not the only crowd-drawing event that took place on campus this past weekend. On May 19 the Tuck Veterans Club hosted its annual Tuck Runs for Veterans event, drawing more than 170 participants, including Dartmouth students, faculty and Upper Valley residents.