Your Flair Horoscope

By Angela Zhang | 10/28/16 3:15pm

As the classic idiom goes, always wear your heart on your sleeve, your fanny pack or your onesie. You can tell a lot about a person by his flair, so what does your favorite item of flair say about you?



The Onesie: 


Why compromise comfort for fashion when you can have both? Like your taste in flair, you’re ambitious but practical. You desire security and validation but have yet to realize that the security lies from within. When you do, you’ll have a greater sense of clarity. You’re emotional, sensitive and you’d rather have three good friends than 30 casual acquaintances.

The Crazy Leggings:

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With your fast-paced life, it’s easy to overlook the charms of day-to-day life. Take some time to tell loved ones how much you appreciate them and live in the moment today. You’re secure in your long-term aspirations and always think big picture but often get impatient with the process of attaining those goals. You seek flexibility and believe in maximizing opportunities, often bouncing around a wide range of social circles. 


The Bucket Hat:


You’re laid back, go-with-the-flow and, no matter what, you’re for the boys. You have a sharp sense of balance and a healthy understanding that without yin, there’s no yang. In the tumultuous hustle and bustle of life, you gently remind your peers to “keep it real.” After college, you’re likely to journey into the wilderness for a few months to “find yourself.”

The Tutu


You’re far more facetimey than you’ll ever admit. Your exuberant whimsy belies a deep maturity that some may overlook, and people will occasionally remark that you’re “spacey.” You’re prone to spontaneous dance parties in Novack study rooms but subconsciously find comfort in order and structure.

The Crazy Socks



Your wanderlust gives you trouble with staying in one place for a long period of time, whether it’s fidgeting through your 10A or having at most three terms on campus in a row. You plan on joining a summer dance group, and you’re not afraid to be tacky. With an adventurous spirit like yours, you’ll walk, run or parkour these socks around the world.

The Fanny Pack



You’re self-confident and carry yourself proudly along with your fanny pack, which is usually brimming over with all the dignity you keep in there. You’re constantly seeking new experiences and are a self-proclaimed trendsetter. You have a creative vision but should be more conscious about how you express your enthusiasm, as it can often be exhausting for others. Your large presence can come off too strong, but if you learn to compromise you’ll realize that sharing your ideas with others will only take you to greater heights.

Animal Shirt




You’re prickly on the outside but a huge softie once you open up. You’ll never admit that you like rom-coms, but they’re your ultimate guilty pleasure. A natural leader, you sometimes tend towards type-A behavior, but your friends always bring out your playful side. You use Google calendar religiously and set four alarms in five-minute intervals every morning.


Ironic Dartmouth Paraphernalia


You’re sarcastic and make offhanded observational remarks that confuse some, anger others and make everyone else chuckle to themselves. You don’t take yourself too seriously but care deeply about others and always put your friends and family first. You’re a serial procrastinator but somehow manage to get your work in on time, even if it’s with a minute to spare. Your disdain for group projects stems from your extreme independence. Having flexibility and variety is necessary; you like to dabble in a lot of different activities and won’t settle down until you find something you’re truly passionate about.

The Beer Helmet



Asuuuuuuh dude. Asuh. You can hang, you’re stoked, and you don’t let people forget it.

Angela Zhang