Places to Take a Profile Picture other than Baker Tower

By Fiona Ewing and Dartmouth Staff | 10/20/16 9:13am

When Dartmouth decided to renovate Baker Tower, I doubt anyone considered the enormous problem it would cause: depriving us of a backdrop for those classic “I’m back!” or “Look, it’s autumn!” profile pictures. Without a photo of me at the one place that’s recognizably-Dartmouth, how am I supposed to subliminally let everyone back home know that I haven’t flunked out yet? Could there possibly be an alternative to the coveted shot in front of Baker Tower? Probably not. But, unless you’re up for posing in front of the library as it stands now and captioning the photo, “Yup, this actually is Dartmouth,” you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

Here’s our list of where to take your profile picture instead:

  1. In front of Dartmouth Hall. It doesn’t get enough love.
  2. Find a tree and stand in front of that delightful New England foliage.
  3. As you’re canoeing down the Connecticut River, to trick people into thinking you’re more outdoorsy than you actually are (unless you actually are).
  4. At the summit of a hike. Because you are that outdoorsy.
  5. A selfie from the end of an ever-growing KAF line.
  6. A selfie from when you get to the front of the line.
  7. By the LSC. If, like me, you saw that part of campus for the first time in ages while seeing Morphy bloom, you may have been surprised by just picturesque it is.
  8. Occom Pond.
  9. At Lou’s before you dive into your order of cruller French toast.
  10. During office hours. I’m sure Mom and Dad would love to see that you’re meeting with your professors!
  11. In a frat basement, before the ban is lifted and you can still see across the room.
  12. The Dick’s House waiting room.
  13. Skinny Pancake. Who doesn’t love crêpes?
  14. On the balcony of McNutt because you’re still waiting for your Royal Wedding moment.
  15. If you’re really desperate for it, head to the balcony of Phi Delt.
  16. Wearing your house scarf with a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks.
  17. At the farmer’s market, to show that you appreciate locally-sourced produce.
  18. In the Allen/School House Center.
  19. Jumping the fence in front of Collis.
  20. As you’re waiting at the Hanover stoplight.­­­

Fiona Ewing

Dartmouth Staff