Around The Ivies

By Annette Denekas, The Dartmouth Staff | 2/17/16 4:49am

Brown University: This past fall, the ALS Finding a Cure Foundation endowed a team of five faculty members at Brown University with a $1.8 million research grant, The Brown Daily Herald reported. The team plans to research the possibility of aberrant genes as a cure for ALS, suggesting that the gene mutations may potentially defend motor neurons. Depending on its success, the team could receive up to $14 million in the next few years.

Cornell University: Cornell Provost Michael Kotlikoff announced a four-percent increase in next year’s tuition rate, in addition international student admission will no longer be done on a need-blind basis, The Cornell Daily Sun reported. Students have shown concern about the change, with many expressing that their opinions have been disregarded. Cornell admissions will shift to a need-aware basis fot international applicants starting in fall 2017.

Harvard University: The Harvard Crimson reported that Harvard Dental School instructor Dolrudee Jumlongras sparked anger from citizens in Thailand. Allegedly, Jumlongras did not pay back the scholarship loan debts that she borrowed. She had originally agreed to work at Mahidol University in Thailand in order to repay the loan, but by remaining at Harvard, the Thai university believes she is neglecting the deal.

Princeton University: The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory researchers acquired a grant that allows them to use the country’s fastest supercomputer for 80 million processor hours, The Daily Princetonian reported. They plan to administer simulations for a project involving high-energy-density plasmas, according to the Daily Princetonian. The supercomputer is essential for understanding plasma activity, which could then help researchers discover how the earth interacts with plasma. Two other astrophyscial sceinces professors won 47 and 80 million processor hours respectively.

University of Pennsylvania: Nutrition science will be offered as a major option next September at the University of Pennsylvania , The Daily Pennsylvanian reported. The program is was previously only available as a minor. Now students will be able to major in nutrition as a second major in addition to students’ primary majors. The School of Nursing and the College of Arts and Sciences worked together to create the new cross-school program. It will be advantageous to those interested in pursuing nutrition, medicine or nursing.

Annette Denekas, The Dartmouth Staff