Breaking: New Hampshire Now Makes Bacon Lottery Tickets

By Fiona Ewing, The Dartmouth Staff | 2/5/15 2:44pm

Last month, New Hampshire began to sell $1 bacon-scented scratch-n-sniff lottery tickets. Yes, you read that right, and yes, here @Dartbeat we couldn’t be more thrilled about the development. So, as a lover of all things breakfast, I volunteered to rush down to the gas station by CVS this week and buy two tickets as fast as I could. Here’s a breakdown of my experience.

Ticket Rules: If you reveal a heart symbol with your scratch, then you win the prize shown. But, if you reveal a bacon symbol, then you win “DOUBLE the prize shown.” Just when you thought Bacon couldn’t make you any happier!

Ticket Pricing and Results: I scratched my first ticket and won $2, but I didn’t have the same luck with my second ticket. Since each ticket was only a dollar, I broke even.

Ticket Smell: To my surprise, the tickets did actually smell quite a bit like bacon. To be fair, if I had smelled them not knowing that they were meant to smell like bacon, then I probably wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint the scent. But knowing what they were going for, I definitely got a strong whiff of one of my favorite breakfast foods.

What do you think about New Hampshire’s new tickets? Would you be willing to test your luck?

Fiona Ewing, The Dartmouth Staff