Around the Ivies

By Lilly Bain | 11/13/14 6:30am

Brown University: A student who reported being given spiked drinks at a Brown University fraternity party on Oct. 17 tested positive for the date-rape drug GHB, the Brown Daily Herald reported. Results for another student who reported consuming a spiked beverage are pending. One of the two students also reported being sexually assaulted that night. An investigation into both the allegations of sexual assault and the spiked drinks is currently underway.

Columbia University: A newly founded student and alumni group, the Fund For a Safer Columbia, will provide grants to student groups working against sexual violence, the Columbia Spectator reported. The group hopes to provide support for sexual assault survivors and to sustain the anti-violence movement.

Cornell University: Some students have called on the student health center to expand its services regarding sex and sexuality, the Cornell Daily Sun reported. Some concerns include reducing the cost of sexual health treatments and growing initiatives that inform students about consent.

Harvard University: Despite an increased focus on student health, many students still suffer from college-related issues such as stress and a lack of sleep, the Harvard Crimson reported. Over 70 percent of Harvard students may be clinically sleep deprived, defined as getting an average of fewer than seven hours of sleep every night. Sleep deprivation can lead to anxiety and depression.

The University of Pennsylvania: For the third year in a row, Penn received a record number of early decision applications. The five-percent increase in early applications could be attributed to the growing competitiveness of the early decision pool, Dean of Admissions Eric Furda said, as Penn typically fills up to half of its class through early decision, the Daily Pennsylvanian reported.

Princeton University: No one suffered life-threatening injuries after a BMW collided with a school bus on Route 206on Tuesday, the Daily Princetonian reported. The BMW struck the front bumper of the bus, which contained three individuals.

Yale University: Yale Library Information Technology will soon launch a new search engine designed to streamline the various existing search engines across libraries at Yale University, the Yale Daily News reported. The new unified library search engine will allow students to search both the main library and the law library at once.​

Lilly Bain