11 Things All Freshmen Inevitably Do

By Margarette Nelson, The Dartmouth Staff | 9/17/14 5:30am

1. Overdress for the weather.

If you’re already wearing heavy down on the first day of classes, it’s going to be alongwinter.

2. Put your name on 10 different blitz lists at the activities fair.

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You’ll never go to a single meeting.

3. “Study.”

You're fooling no one.

4.Use Dartmouth lingo incorrectly.

“And then I flitzed on the B@B. Sorry to self-call.”

5. Overuse a ton of Dartmouth lingo, even if all correct.

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“Want to go to FoCo @now? We’ll get so much facetime."

6. That “Duke Class of 2018” bag you’ve been using as a gym tote? Burn it.

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What the hell were you thinking?

7. Get stuck with the 20-swipe meal plan.

Pro-tip: you can still use three swipes on Sundays.

8. Get discovered in a Choates bathroom stall at 4 a.m.

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It happens.

9. Order off of the actual menu at the Hop in layman’s terms.

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“What’s a hulk?"

10. Discuss SAT scores.

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Don’t do this. Ever.

11. …and last but not least, the shmob.

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For the rest of the term, upperclassmen will just be like….

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Margarette Nelson, The Dartmouth Staff