What the '15s Think About Our 14X Photos

By Katie Hake, The Dartmouth Staff | 8/8/14 3:34pm

As the weeks go on, '15s off-campus have been enviously eyeing our Facebook albums and recalling their own carefree days of sophomore summer. Some albums have acquired witty X-themed titles, some are still “14X” and waiting for that perfect what-x-word-has-no-one-used-yet vibe, and all of them are inspiring the upperclassmen waiting to come back to campus to try and somehow relive sophomore summer in whatever city their current internship is in. This, dear '16s, is what the '15s actually think about your sophomore summer album.

At first, they’re super jealous and bitter.

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But they pretend not to be. Badly. “OMG have so much fun!”

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So much nostalgia. And FOMO.

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Whatever, 13X was so much better.

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Copper Mines? Baker Tower photos? Frolicking? Please, we did all of that x1000.

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They pretend they have tons of cool things going on their lives. They don’t have time to stalk your silly album.

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They can’t help it. They come visit for a weekend.

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As your album comes to a close, they realize how close they are to senior year. Wut.

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Time to start mentally preparing for 15X.

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Katie Hake, The Dartmouth Staff