Watching the Ivies: 1/7

By Marie Plecha | 1/7/13 6:00am

Courtesy of The Columbia Spectator

BROWN: Brown University admitted 18.5 percent of applicants under its binding early decision program, a slight drop from the 19 percent acceptance rate of 2011. A significant majority of early applicants — 71 percent — were deferred to the regular admission pool, figures that are consistent with previous years’ trends.

COLUMBIA: Students at Columbia University are leading an initiative to improve and standardize training for undergraduate teaching assistants. The proposal also aims to reform professors’ working procedures in order to increase direct interaction with students,The Columbia Spectator reported.

HARVARD: Harvard University admitted 895 students — about 18 percent of applicants — to the Class of 2017 under its non-binding early action program. This marks the second pool of early admittances since Harvard reinstated its single-choice early action program last year.

PENN: Students at the University of Pennsylvania gathered at a memorial vigil for victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy during its final exams week in December. Students signed a memorial banner that was sent to families affected by the tragedy.

PRINCETON: Princeton University offered admission to 18.3 percent of early applicants. The University’s early acceptance rate dropped three percent from 2011, in part to allow for more acceptances in the early admission round, according to The Daily Princetonian.

YALE: Students at Yale University are planning the University’s annual Sex Week for February of this year. Organizers hope to encourage healthier, more consistent dialogue about sex through the weekend’s series of events, as The Yale Daily News reported.

Marie Plecha