DDS Detective: Ahi Tuna Crackers

By Priya Krishna, The Dartmouth Senior Staff | 2/14/12 1:57pm



I am a sushi fa­natic. I think that sushi was ac­tu­ally part of the rea­son I stopped being a veg­e­tar­ian. I usu­ally tell peo­ple I started eat­ing an­i­mals be­cause my track coach told me I needed to eat more pro­tein, but in re­al­ity, the dev­as­tat­ingly good crab tem­pura rolls at Rock N Roll Sushi prob­a­bly had a lot more to do with that de­ci­sion. Any­way, by now I have tried a fair amount of sushi in many dif­fer­ent prepa­ra­tions, and one of my best sushi ex­pe­ri­ences by far was in Cabo San Lucas, Mex­ico, where I was served spicy ahi tuna with gin­ger and wasabi on top of a sesame cracker. In­cred­i­bly sim­ple, yet one of the most de­li­cious bites I have ever taken. This week’s DDS De­tec­tive sub­sti­tutes sesame crack­ers with saltines and restau­rant sushi for Sunja’s, but the re­sult is ac­tu­ally pretty great and makes for the per­fect snack:

  1. Order one(or two) pieces of tuna sashimi from Sunja’s.
  2. Grab a pack of saltinesfrom the condi­ment area and put them on a plate.
  3. Put the pieces of tuna sashimion top of the crack­ers.
  4. Topwith gin­ger strips.
  5. Driz­zle the spicy sriracha sauceand sweet soy sauce on top of both (these are all at Sunja’s sta­tion).
  6. Shake some sesame seedson top of that.
  7. Add a dol­lop of wasabiif you like it spicy!

Priya Krishna, The Dartmouth Senior Staff