Watching the Ivies: 1/25

By Isha Flores, The Dartmouth Staf | 1/25/12 11:17am


HAR VARDLady Gagawill launchherBorn This Way Foun da tionat Har vard Col lege’s Sanders The ater next month. The goals of Gaga’s brain child are to em power young peo ple and pro mote in di vid u al ity. Tick ets for the event are being raf fled off through Face book.

PRINCE TON:2011 Ivy League Rookie of the YearChuck Di b lioisre cov er ingafter suf fer ing from a stroke last week. Al though doc tors don’t yet know what caused the stroke in some­one as young as him, the Prince ton fresh man is cur rently in “fair con di tion.”



COR NELL: Be cause of nu mer ous com plaints from off-cam pus land lords of drink ing-re lated prop erty de struc tion, Cor nell Uni ver sity of fi cialsare con sid er ingex tend ing joint pa trols be­tween the school of fi cers and Ithaca city po lice de part ment of fi cers. Sur veys taken last fall showed that 82 per cent of stu dents re ported drink ing off cam pus in the last month.

PENN:Mem bers of Penn Com mu nity Against Moun tain top Re moval and the group’s Tem ple Uni ver sity coun ter part met pri vately with Penn syl va nia-based bank PNC this Mon day.The meet ing is pre dictedto add mo men tum to the groups’ cam paign against the PNC’s in vest­ment in a en vi ron men tally dan ger ous coal-min ing method called moun tain top re moval.

“PNC is aware that being green is mar ketable to our gen er a tion, and they ad ver tise them­selves as such,” Pallavi Po da p ati, Penn Com mu nity Against MTR mem ber and col lege ju nior, told The Daily Penn syl van ian. “But for them to fi nance a form of coal ex trac tion that blows up moun tains, dis places com mu ni ties and poi sons the en vi ron ment is not green.”



CO LUM BIA:A num ber of lap tops and other elec tron ics werestolenfrom one of Co lum bia Uni ver sity’s cam puses on Sun day. These thefts are sim i lar to those that took place at Co­lum bia last term when res i dents left their doors un locked. Stu dents are now lock ing their doors where they wouldn’t have be fore.

YALE:Yale alumni havegiven mixed re ac tionsto new tail gat ing reg u la tions tail gat ing an­nounced last Thurs day. Changes came after the death of one per son and in jury of two oth­ers at No vem ber’s Har vard-Yale game.

“I per son ally plan to keep at tend ing foot ball games,” Hol lan der told the YDN. “It’s re ally tragic what hap pened this past year, and what ever the school needs to do to make sure peo ple are safe is what’s im por tant. I’m sure the stu dents will still find a way to have f

Isha Flores, The Dartmouth Staf