Bachmann N.H. team jumps ship

By Winnie Yoe, The Dartmouth Staff | 10/25/11 5:55pm

Courtesy Of NPR

You may have thought the Re­pub­li­can drama was over in New Hamp­shire when the de­bate mad­ness wrapped up, but the saga con­tin­ues. In a sur­pris­ing turn, Michele Bach­mann’s New Hamp­shire staff de­cided to aban­don her last week.

Ap­par­ently the drama started when Bach­mann vis­ited New Hamp­shire be­fore the de­bate. The New Hamp­shire staff was not please with “how abra­sive, dis­cour­te­ous and dis­mis­sive” Bach­mann’s na­tional staff was to many New Hamp­shire cit­i­zens and called the na­tional staff “rude, un­pro­fes­sional, dis­hon­est, and at times cruel” in a news re­lease. The New Hamp­shire staff also stated “pay was not a pri­mary mo­ti­va­tion” and they felt “de­ceived [and] con­stantly left out of the loop re­gard­ing key de­ci­sions.”

With only months away from the first nom­i­nat­ing con­tests, I guess all we can say is good luck Michele.

Winnie Yoe, The Dartmouth Staff