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March 4, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Review: New Album ‘Something To Give Each Other’ Celebrates Self-Discovery and Freedom

Troye Sivan’s new album proves his musical maturity with songs that are emotionally complex and consistently engaging.

2023-10-15 02.31.01.jpg

Troye Sivan’s third album, “Something to Give Each Other,” has been steadily gaining prominence in the media for quite some time now. First reaching prominence on TikTok with a dance to accompany the single “Rush,” the album has been long anticipated. The album boasts ten tracks, including collaborations with singers Guitarricadelafuente (and yes, they perform a duet in Spanish!) and Jessica Pratt. “Something to Give Each Other” is a testament to Sivan’s growth as an artist, unlocking an emotional depth and maturity to create a powerful album that enraptures listeners. 

As someone who has been casually sneaking songs such as “The Fault In Our Stars” and “There For You” into her playlists since 2015, Sivan’s musical evolution is undeniably impressive. If you’re like me and have an appreciation for exploring the news of the everyday life of artists, you won’t be surprised to know that the last few years have not been easy for Troye Sivan. After a four-year breakup, he faced several difficulties related to his mental health. However, he decided to use music as a tool to convey his feelings and convey to the public a sensitive message about hope.

While promoting this album, Sivan frequently expressed pride in his work. Throughout the creative process, he surrounded himself with people and places he enjoys. Sivan often mentioned how he felt a newfound sense of ease while writing the songs, allowing him to convey his ideas to the public in the most genuine way possible. His relaxed state and new mindset is clear in the album’s blend of intimacy and sanguine sound. 

From the very first notes, this album feels like entering a bustling nightclub or a vibrant, strobe-lit rave. Troye Sivan skillfully immerses us in tales of love, personal growth and acceptance. It’s as if he’s opening up his most intimate diary and sharing his deepest thoughts and emotions with the world while involving us with frisky beats. 

You might already be familiar with the opening track “Rush” thanks to your TikTok ‘For You’ page.  Released on July 13, the single became his biggest solo hit to date and charted on the Billboard Hot 100. When initially working on it, “Rush” started as a melancholic ballad looking back at lost love. However, it transformed into a lively blast of EDM and house beats about his experiences of feeling liberated and confident, engaging any listener and tempting them to get up and dance. In the music video, Sivan recreates his nights partying in Australia after facing a heavy heartache.

Internet discourse has largely been focused on the third song of the album “One Of Your Girls,” and its recently released music video. While the lyrics explore Sivan’s experiences with guys who were inexperienced with LGBTQ+ relationships and were showing him interest, the video features Sivan himself transforming into his drag persona. It is a stark statement against gendered stigmas. The public was also pleasantly surprised by the presence of Ross Lynch himself (any “Austin & Ally” fans around here?) in the video.  

In “Honey,” Sivan is not ashamed of exploring lust and the struggle to balance what our bodies crave with the limitations our hearts can bear. We certainly can’t forget to mention “Got Me Started,” a fun, chill tune that narrates Sivan meeting a guy at a party and feeling an undeniable urge for a relationship. It delves into the exciting chemistry that ignites between two people and the intense desire to succumb to that magnetic pull.

Even when portraying painful themes such as longing, Sivan upholds his positive mindset on life and celebrates experiencing the present rather than having a meltdown about the future. He gives space to the peculiarities of each phase of romantic love, from the first spark to the heated breakup and the unilateral longing that comes after. 

“What’s The Time Where You Are” illustrates emotional connections that outshine physical separation in long-distance relationships. On the other hand, “In My Room” explores the complex and confusing dynamic of undefined relationships. Sivan and Guitarricadelafuente talk about being alone in a room, lost in thoughts about a loved person, struggling to put into words exactly how they feel. The lyrics in Spanish add a special spark to the bedroom-pop tune, particularly the verses "Confundo la realidad" (I confuse reality) and "Y es que todo me extasía" (And everything enchants me).

Though the name might encourage you to think otherwise, “Silly” carries one of the most intense of Sivan’s confessions. He bluntly grapples with the desire of breaking free from his hidden emoticons and physical self. Though he yearns for deeper understanding from others and tries to recreate himself, he knows the people he falls in love with might not always be interested in getting to know his true self. 

“How To Stay With You,” the final song on the album, opens up about Sivan's desire to strengthen his bond with a person while fearing that the future will not hold his expectations. The lyrics convey a sensible mix of emotions while being embraced by Sivan’s delicate vocals. The theme of time is prevalent in this song, diverging from reflecting on the past to emote the fear of the future. “Can’t Go Back, Baby” also sheds light on an interesting perspective about time. Though he wishes to return to the past and reconnect with his former lover, he also recognizes that he needs to move on and embrace a new chapter of his life. 

The standout quality of this album lies in its ability to transport listeners into Sivan’s world, where every beat and lyric feels like a personal revelation. Not only does the album capture the pain and sadness of the breakup, but it also offers a message of hope and empowerment. Hereminds us that even in the most difficult situations, there is always room to grow, learn and find self-love. 

Sivan managed to create an experience which is delicate and blunt at the same time. He is not scared of admitting he went through rough times and is even less scared of showing he managed to lean into the upside. Each lyric is intertwined with the artist’s own journey of self-discovery, giving this musical piece a genuine tone. It feels as if he’s by our side comforting us after a breakup and remembering us that even the messiest heartaches can be overcomed. His growth as an artist is notable, making this album not just a collection of songs, but a genuine, heartfelt experience. “Something to Give Each Other” is a testament to Troye Sivan’s talent and maturity, and it’s a musical journey worth taking.

Rating: ★