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April 19, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Savoring the Season: Local Fall Drinks

One writer showcases several seasonal drinks around Hanover.

Courtesy of Kristin Chapman

This article is featured in the 2023 Homecoming special issue. 

The vibrant greens of summer are slowly giving way to the golden tones of fall. The leaves are changing colors, and the air grows crisper with each passing day. It’s a time of transformation. Not just in scenery, but in our daily routines too.  

If you’ve already traded in your iced drinks for a cup of something cozier, you aren’t alone. Lately, the Novack counter has been a sea of steaming chai lattes and hot chocolate. But don’t fret — if these options don’t suit you, and you aren’t keen on the quintessential Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, one of Hanover’s many charming cafes may have the perfect fall drink for you. 

Still North Books & Bar, a quaint bookstore and bar tucked away on Allen Street, is a favorite study spot among many Dartmouth students. Their drink of the month at the time of writing was the Leaf Peeper Cider with whipped cream, a clever nod to the influx of seasonal tourists. 

Nathan DeMichaelis ’25 was pleasantly surprised the first time he tried the new drink. “I didn’t think whipped cream on cider would work, but it’s great for cool weather like this,” he said. According to DeMichealis, there’s nothing better than a good cider to get you into the autumn spirit. He recommends that students stop by Still North to try it for themselves. 

Connor Schafer ’25, an avid coffee drinker, is a fan of Still North’s beloved hot oat milk lavender latte. He described it as a nice “homey” flavor. “I like the floral taste,” he said. “It’s very peaceful and calming.” With its soothing lavender, this drink is perfect to have on hand for quiet study sessions in Baker-Berry, or a relaxing mid-afternoon stroll down Main Street. 

For my first autumn Still North experience, the barista recommended a personal favorite of hers — the turmeric latte with maple. It was a perfect blend of spicy and sweet. It has a comforting, rich quality on par with a pumpkin spice latte, but the house-made mix of turmeric, ginger, black pepper and cayenne gives it an extra edge that sets it apart from any drink I’ve had this season. To top it all off, I adore the maple-leaf latte art that the barista made. I can already envision myself curled up in Sanborn, engrossed in a new book, with this latte by my side as company. 

Over on South Street, Umpleby’s Bakery Cafe also offers a delicious maple latte. According to Schafer, it’s a solid choice for anyone with a sweet tooth who still needs their daily espresso shot. Their menu also consists of staples such as chai lattes, americanos and hot chocolate. While there, consider taking a seat at their charming outdoor seating area. It’s the perfect place to take a sip while appreciating the changing scenery. 

It seems that students, locals and Dartmouth visitors alike cannot get enough maple this fall, as The Nest, located on Main Street, has seen a sizable increase in maple drinks recently. I spoke to Clara Bolden, a barista at The Nest, over Family Weekend about the recent sales trends. 

“Our maple cinnamon oat latte is especially popular right now,” Bolden explained. “I’ve probably made 150 today!” 

The Nest has also just added a pumpkin spice chai latte to its menu. According to Bolden, the new addition is already making waves among their customers. “A lot of people are obsessed with fall, so the seasonal drinks make a big splash,” she said. 

As for her personal favorite? Bolden is a fan of a simple hot chai. 

Now that you have a roadmap of the best spots in town to satisfy your autumn cravings, make sure to give each of these local brews a try. Embrace the sweater weather and discover a new seasonal favorite. Whether you like coffee, tea or cider, there’s bound to be something for you. Cheers to a wonderful fall!