Editors' Note

by Caris White and Arielle Feuerstein | 4/13/22 2:00am

by Kamilla Kocsis / The Dartmouth

It’s week three, and I’m already losing my mind. Normally that’s a week eight problem, but something about this spring just hits different. There’s nothing quite like a sunny afternoon on the Green, but it’s always accompanied by a wave of exhaustion when the sun goes down. Maybe it’s the unrelenting stream of parties, darties and daily dips to join, or the fact that we are still in school — even when it feels a bit like summer camp. Whatever it is, I’m finding week three to be equal parts joyful and draining, and the reports from this week’s writers seem to corroborate it.

This week, we reflect on the pressure to overcommit — definitely not relatable for the editors here at Mirror, right? — as well as ’23s transitioning into leadership positions and whether the ’24s really were the College’s “forgotten” class. Our writers also shine a spotlight on opportunities for hands-on learning: from the Book Arts Workshop to Field Methods of Archaeology, we celebrate the benefits of truly in-person education.

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that the term won’t let up now. Here's hoping that more sunny days and warm nights can take the edge off of our approaching midterms, but when the grind gets us down and the rain comes back, Mirror will be here to use the puddles for reflection.