Editors' Note

by Novi Zhukovsky and Christina Baris | 5/5/21 2:00am

by Elizabeth Janowski / The Dartmouth Senior Staff

One thing the pandemic has given us is time. With many of our usual social and extracurricular activities put on hold, this past year has felt like somewhat of a twilight zone; time is passing around us, but our day-to-day lives move at a speed akin to running in a dream — time feels thick and resistant. Extra, undefined hours can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when our usual pastimes aren’t available. However, these extra hours have also given us time to think. The kind of thinking time we only get while taking a long, hot shower or on a solo run. This week at Mirror, we are taking some time to think and reflect. 

This week in Mirror, we look at how Dartmouth students have maintained long-distance relationships during the pandemic, as well as how our streaming service consumption habits have changed while social distancing. We also highlight community reactions to the Chauvin verdict and shed light on Dartmouth’s Innovation Accelerator for Cancer, an initiative seeking to speed up the development of therapies for cancer patients.

While it can sometimes seem scary to wade too deep into our own thoughts, it also provides us with the opportunity for both self- and outward reflection. This process can open us up to finding hope and moments of joy we have experienced during this time — whether that be recalling watching “Tiger King” at the beginning of the pandemic or the memory of a virtual date over Zoom. So while we can’t offer the same euphoric feeling as a comforting shower or sweaty exercise session, we hope that reading this week’s issue of Mirror will help you fill your time with voices and stories that open you up to new ideas for you to ponder. And maybe you’ll even find enjoyment in taking a brief moment to stop and reflect.