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The Dartmouth
June 13, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors' Note


Whoops! Following the recent snowfall, it appears our verdict in last week’s issue that “spring has sprung” may have been a bit premature. However, an April snow shower is nothing novel to those native to New England, and for some, one last snowfall might even have come as a welcome anomaly. Regardless, with midterms now in full swing and extracurricular commitments building up, we most likely won’t be spending much time outside anyway. 

This week at Mirror, we highlight the various experiences of Dartmouth students getting vaccinated and look into whether or not the freshmen have taken to Dartmouth lingo. We also speak with Dartmouth students celebrating Ramadan and ask them how the school is providing them with support. 

As more and more Dartmouth students continue to get vaccinated, and the (hopefully) last bits of snow finally melt, we can all wake up knowing that change is in the air. Things like schoolwork, social life or health will always be works in progress. But it's important to remember that no goal is insurmountable, and, as we have seen from our slow but steady journey toward a post-pandemic world, positive change is always possible. So, we’ll see you next week — and who knows what it may bring.