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April 16, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors' Note

As students grapple with change, we take time to pause and reflect.


Week three already? Once again, we have slipped past the simpler times of introductions and syllabi right into the depths of midterms — some things never change. But the sunny skies and unseasonably warm weather of this Hanover spring almost make us forget about that paper we haven’t started or those readings yet to be opened. Almost. 

The fleeting nature of a Dartmouth term often does not allow for many breaks. This week at Mirror, we urge you to take that much-needed pause. The past year has been one of incomprehensible loss. And at times, it seems as if we’re supposed to discount that, continuing on with our fast-paced lives as normal without taking the necessary time to reflect. In this issue, one writer reflects on taking the time to process grief, while another revisits her college application journey and remarks on how she has changed since then. We discuss the barriers that first-generation, low-income students must overcome when applying to college and we investigate how living off campus has made students more responsible. 

So, maybe this term hasn’t been the easiest. Maybe all this change takes time to process — and that’s okay. As our writers take time to stop and reflect, we hope you will too.