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Keysi Montás named director of Safety and Security

After three years as interim director, Keiselim “Keysi” Montás has been officially named director of the Department of Safety and Security, according to a Sept. 22 College announcement. Montás has worked for Safety and Security for over a decade, while also teaching tango, writing poetry and advising student clubs and trips.



Recycling in all residence halls temporarily suspended

Quarantine and regular testing aren’t the only ways in which COVID-19 has disrupted campus operations. In an effort to reduce contamination, recycling has been suspended indefinitely in residence halls on campus, according to Facilities, Operations and Management associate vice president Frank Roberts.


Rockefeller Center panel disrupted by 'Zoombombing' incident

Joining other institutions across the U.S. facing unwanted online intrusions into meetings held on  Zoom, the College experienced its first reported “Zoombombing” incident on Monday at a public event organized by the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy. 

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Hanover businesses, residents adapt to COVID-19 closures

In the town of Hanover and the greater Upper Valley, the closing of Dartmouth’s campus is only one piece of a larger halt to normal activity. The threat of COVID-19 transmission has shuttered businesses, strained local medical resources and put local officials and community leaders on edge.


Service groups interact with the Upper Valley community

The “Dartmouth bubble” is a term heard frequently around campus among students who feel shut-in by the College’s close-knit community. For many, Dartmouth can seem like a world unto itself, disconnected from the usual distractions and connections that living in society entail. Despite the effects of the “bubble,” Dartmouth is nonetheless deeply connected with the surrounding region.