Editors' Note

by Sarah Alpert and Novi Zhukovsky | 9/23/20 2:00am

by Grace Qu / The Dartmouth

As students get into the swing of a new academic term, this week marks the end of quarantine for many living on campus. For some, this may provide the excitement of increased freedom and flexibility. But for others, these additional privileges may incite feelings of uncertainty. With the pandemic standing at odds with the desire for human contact — especially for freshmen seeking to make friends — will we be able to conduct social interaction in a safe and responsible manner? 

This week at Mirror, we look at Dartmouth Dining’s efforts to provide meals for students with all kinds of restrictions and dietary requirements. We write about ways we can interact on campus while safely keeping our distance, and we reflect on how COVID-19 has made social activities more difficult to come by. We also address how spaces at Dartmouth have changed to accommodate the requirements of social distancing.

Although this week looks different from any week two of the past, there are a few things that remain the same. Intellectual and creative exploration, hard work and the creation of meaningful relationships are still on the horizon. Although we now face more obstacles to these pursuits, Dartmouth students will find a way. After all, they don’t say Dartmouth students have “the granite of New Hampshire in their muscles and their brains” for nothing. 

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