Editors' Note

by Gigi Grigorian and Sarah Alpert | 6/8/19 2:50am

Two hundred and fifty years is a long time. For two and a half centuries, every class at Dartmouth has left its mark on the College — it’s hard to imagine that one class can stand out. But after seeing the Class of 2019’s commitment to making Dartmouth more inclusive and safe for all students, we know they are leaving the College a better place than it was four years ago. As rising juniors, we are grateful to have learned from the ’19s, and we are excited to keep improving Dartmouth in their legacy. 

We are thankful most of all to the seniors who mentored us at The Dartmouth, but we admire and appreciate the passion ’19s have brought to the communities around campus that bring this school alive. This year’s senior Hood Museum interns curated exhibits to draw visitors from all corners of the Hanover community. Since women’s rugby went varsity four years ago, ’19s led the team to three Ivy League titles. Meanwhile, living in New Hampshire has encouraged the ’19s to open their minds to new political viewpoints. And as they conclude their time at Dartmouth, the seniors are leaving a generous financial aid gift to the incoming Class of 2023. These achievements represent just a fraction of the ways ’19s have nudged the College toward a better future.

As Dartmouth faces yet another development in the psychological and brain sciences department sexual misconduct scandal, we realize the College is many years away from offering truly equal opportunities for all students. This year’s graduating class reminds us, however, that students have the power to push for change. A lot has happened in the last four years that the ’19s will never forget, and they’ve become leaders, activists and critical thinkers along the way. We know they will take what they learned here to the world beyond the College on the Hill.

Until we meet again,

Sarah Alpert and Gigi Grigorian

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