Editors' Note

by Kylee Sibilia and Nikhita Hingorani | 4/3/19 2:35am

by Samantha Burack and Sharon Bian / The Dartmouth

The Dartmouth bubble is a universally acknowledged reality on this campus. Living in rural New Hampshire while also attending a school that takes up so much of our free time with academics and extracurriculars severely inhibits our access to news about the outside world and, perhaps more importantly, our willingness to care about that news. And at a school where so many students come from the highest socioeconomic strata, the most concerning part of this reality is that most of us have lived in a bubble for the span of our entire lives.

Dartmouth is a bubble, but the Upper Valley itself is not. Where students have gone looking for it, they have found opportunities to affect change in a community that is diverse in ways that Dartmouth is not, and lacking in so many of the resources that many Dartmouth students have in plenty. And more and more, it is imperative that students do go looking for change, because as we have seen over the past year through lawsuits and scandals alike, the outside world will bring changes to this campus whether we like it or not.

This week, the Mirror pops the Dartmouth bubble, and we hope that in reading this issue, you will be inspired to do so as well. We hope that you will reevaluate your own privilege in being a student here and rethink the ways you can make an impact on the world outside of our tiny campus.