Editor's Note

by Marie-Capucine Pineau-Valencienne and Carolyn Zhou | 2/28/18 2:17am

It’s the last Mirror issue of the term, and we decided to do something different. Something unconventional. Something alternative. Millenials have a tendency to romanticize individuality. Hipsters, tattoos, alternative bands, indie movies, pink hair, latte art — the list goes on. But are hipsters really “hip” anymore? Isn’t getting a tattoo of an infinity sign more a sign of your infinite basic-ness? And let’s not even get started on trite Instagram captions. We get it, you have many #wcw, at least you’re not posting #tbts — the horror.

We value originality, individiualism and difference from the crowd. We aim to deviate from what is the status quo. However, is there a limit to how much society will tolerate one’s differences? Is there an acceptable amount of difference?

Society frowns upon those who go far beyond what is considered “normal.” When does different become alternative? And what does it mean to be “alternative”? Alternative to what? What happens when one is trying to be alternative but ends up being mainstream? In this issue, the Mirror explores the concept of “alternative” and how it applies to our daily lives at Dartmouth.