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May 30, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

A survey of freshman year experiences

This article was featured in the 2017 Freshman Issue.

At 47 percent, a plurality of Dartmouth students say their view of Greek life became more positive from the start to the end of their freshman year. 27 percent said their view on Greek life did not change over the course of their first year, while 19 percent say it became more negative.

When asked whether they think high school prepared them well for their freshman year at Dartmouth, 63 percent of current students agree that it did, while 28 percent disagree and nine percent neither agree nor disagree.

When asked whether at any point during their freshman year they had regrets about coming to Dartmouth, roughly an even number of student said yes (48 percent) and no (45 percent), while seven percent are not sure.

Seventy percent of Dartmouth students met most or some of their current friends during their freshman fall term. Nineteen percent said they met a few of them during their first term on campus, and only six percent said all of them while four percent said none of them.