Editors' Note

by Lauren Budd and May Mansour | 4/12/17 2:00am

Happy week three, readers! When The Mirror squad met to brainstorm this week’s theme and stories, resident French enthusiast and Victor Hugo fanatic May suggested “revolution.” “Vive la Résistance!” she cried. Seeing Annette and Lauren’s blank stares, May translated the phrase: “Long live the Revolution.” Alternatively, the theme reminded Annette — a highly untalented linguist herself — of the Washington, D.C. Women’s March. While living in the turbulence that was (is?) the country’s capital during her off-term, she proudly paraded the mall with friends, wielding the sign “Repeal and Replace Bigotry.” Lauren, meanwhile, fondly remembered her favorite Wii game, Dance Dance Revolution (aka the highlight of her middle school slumber parties).

As you’ll see, this week’s issue explores these several different interpretations of the word “revolution” through politics, astronomy, the Dakota Access Pipeline and even social media. Annette, drowning in midterms (as are her co-editors — why, week three?) considered abandoning this week’s Mirror production as a personal act of “revolution.” However, recalling May’s description of the French Revolution’s result, the consideration quickly evoked images of heads stacked on pikes for public display. With that in mind ­— and the threat of Lauren and May’s wrath looming large — she relinquished the idea. Enjoy the issue!

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