Hogarty to leave College next week

by Emilia Baldwin | 10/4/16 12:32am


Lisa Hogarty will leave the College for Boston Children’s Hospital next week.

by Hollye Swinehart / The Dartmouth

Lisa Hogarty, who has served as the vice president of campus planning and facilities for the past two years, will leave the College next week for Boston Children’s Hospital. The hospital, which is currently undergoing a $1 billion expansion plan, will put Hogarty in the role of senior vice president of real estate development.

Hogarty said that while leaving Dartmouth and her co-workers will be hard, her new job at the hospital was “too good of an opportunity” for her and her family to turn down. Still, she maintained that the decision was very difficult because of the close relationship she has established with her team.

In her time at the College, Hogarty helped launch the new house community system, a feat which she counts as one of her office’s greatest achievements. Hogarty also expanded the Hood Museum of Art and developed the Green to Blue plan for the west end of campus, which consists of improving access to the Connecticut River and increasing community space.

The primary job of Hogarty’s replacement in terms of the new house system will lie in creating a financial model and executing the system going forward, Hogarty said. Hogarty said she is certain the transition to her replacement will be “seamless.”

Hogarty has also worked to better sustainability initiatives through her position. She hopes that the College will ultimately move off of steam energy in favor of hot water energy, she said, an initiative that will allow Dartmouth to make use of renewable sources of energy. Hogarty also said that she hopes the College will build new residence halls and community centers moving forward in addition to those already developed for the new house system.

Steven Moore, the current vice president of institutional projects, will take over Hogarty’s role while the Office of Campus Planning and Facility looks for a more permanent replacement. Moore began working at the College this past summer, and like Hogarty, reports to Rick Mills, the College’s executive vice president and chief financial officer. Because of his previous experience as an administrator at Babson College and Milton Academy, as well as his familiarity with Dartmouth after starting at the College this summer, Hogarty said she believes that Moore’s time as interim vice president of campus planning and facilities will be successful.

Hogarty came to the College from Harvard University in 2014. Her last day at the College will be Oct. 14.