SAE suspended by national, derecognized by College

by Priya Ramaiah | 2/4/16 12:31pm

by Trevelyan Wing and Trevelyan Wing / The Dartmouth

Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity has been suspended by its national organization for a minimum of five years for violations of health and safety regulations as well as a failure to comply with the national organization’s standards, according to a statement released by SAE national executive director of communications Brandon Weghorst. Members of the chapter at the College have also been suspended indefinitely from SAE national .

College spokesperson Diana Lawrence wrote in a statement to The Dartmouth that the suspension of SAE's charter by its national organization derecognizes SAE as a student organization as of March 15, 2016, the end of winter term. As Dartmouth policy prohibits students from living in the building of an unrecognized student organization, SAE can no longer serve as a residential space beginning in Spring 2016.

SAE national said that after an investigation into a hazing complaint about the College chapter, they passed this information to school administrators for a College investigation. The organization has a zero-tolerance policy for hazing and any behaviors not consistent with their “True Gentleman” creed of leadership, scholarship and service, the statement said.

The College then notified Hanover Police, with a policeinvestigation commencingOct. 20. College spokesperson Diana Lawrence wrote in a statement to The Dartmouth that the pending disciplinary review of the organization’s activities by the Office of Judicial Affairs will not be continued given the closure of the SAE chapter by its national organization.

The Dartmouth College chapter of SAE was founded in 1908. SAE national said in their statement that they hope to re-establish the chapter in the future.

Because the decision of SAE national was based on misconduct, Lawrence said, the College will not consider any proposals for the chapter to continue operations as a local organization.

In the past two decades, three fraternities have been derecognized and later reinstated. Beta Theta Pi fraternity, now Beta Alpha Omega fraternity, and Zeta Psi fraternity were derecognized in 1996 and 2001, respectively. Beta returned to campus as a local chapter in 2008 and Zete returned in 2011 after a two-year re-recognition process.

Phi Delta Alpha fraternity was indefinitely derecognized in 2000 but was re-recognized in 2004. Chi Heorot fraternity successfully appealed its derecognition by the College in 2001, and was instead subject to three terms of social probation.

The Dartmouth has reached out to the president of the College's SAE chapter for comment.

This story will be updated as more information is available.

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