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February 22, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Calculating Costs: Upper Valley Economics

How much would you pay for a one-night stay in the Upper Valley? $67 or $400? What about for a saucepan? $20 or $180? Beyond the confines of campus, the realities of economic differences between Hanover and the Upper Valley become abundantly clear. The price of a trash can from Walmart versus one from Main Street Furniture differs drastically, illustrating just how isolated we truly are. The population of the main village of Hanover is 8,636, with a median household income of $84,969. Lebanon, meanwhile, has a population of 13,483 and a median household income of $53,650. We went to several town stores and compared the prices of everyday items to those of stores such as Walmart and the Dollar Store. Whenever possible we compared the exact same items and brands across these different locations. While we have not covered every single option, we aimed to provide a wide cross-section of prices for students to draw economic comparisons within Hanover and across the Upper Valley.

Check out the centerfold here.