Trending @ Dartmouth

by Amelia Acosta and Tyler Bradford | 10/3/13 10:00pm


PONG BALLS: The campus-wide ball shortage of 2013 continues.

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: We might not understand it and we're definitely more preoccupied by the lingering bees on Collis Porch. But we're still talking about it, with various levels of confusion.

INSTAGRAMS OF FOLIAGE: Oh, did you take a walk around Occom Pond? Did you hike Gile? Do you love that emoji of the little fall leaves to accompany your "They're peaking and it's wonderfall!" caption? Join the crowd, autumnal enthusiasts.

THE FARMER'S MARKET: The fresh kettle corn obviously steals the show, but the black bean avocado hummus is a hidden gem. Go for the snacks, stay for the sunshine.

PROFILE PIC CHANGES: The natural consequence of sorority (and in some case, fraternity) rush in the age of social media.

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