Now Playing in Hanover: Frankenweenie

by The Dartmouth Arts Staff | 11/4/12 11:00pm

The 3-D, black-and-white stop-motion film "Frankenweenie" (2012), directed and produced by Tim Burton, follows the basic plotline of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" but adds that unmistakable stop-motion comedy-horror family vibe that made Burton famous. Young Victor Frankenstein's (Charlie Tahan) attempts at going from nerd-chic to jock-cool backfire when his first baseball game leads to the death of his dog Sparky. Victor manages to reanimate the dog, but his classmates soon figure out his formula and begin to bring back to life pets of their own that unleash chaos upon the town fair. "Frankenweenie" features additional voice acting from Martin Short, Martin Landau and Winona Ryder, and it explores the power of a boy's love for man's best friend. Luke Katler

Directed by: BurtonWith: Tahan, Frank Welker, Ryder87 minutesRated PG

I'm not a Burton fan, but I have to say this film was surprisingly good. The Frankenstein-inspired tale is funny, emotional, playful everything you hope and expect to see in a family-friendly flick and more. The "undead" dog is also just too cute.
Sydney Ayers

Despite its kitschy name, this film is entertaining for all ages through its homage to horror films of the past. Victor Frankenstein, super smart loner extraordinaire, is endearing, as is his lovable canine whom he brings back to life with lightening and a little bit of love. Burton's creepy school kids and bleak suburbia make this film less of a Halloween farce and more of a movie to actually enjoy. Kate Sullivan

Choosing the medium of black-and-white stop-motion may be a gamble, but it's one that pays off relatively well here. "Frankenweenie" is sweet, smart and well put together, full of the eccentric spirit that marks Burton's best films. The film has enough heart and laughs to appeal to both kids and their parents and even college students who can bridge the divide. Kyle McGoey