Daily Debriefing

by Casey Aylward, Christina Wray and Annie Jones | 5/31/10 10:00pm

Hanover Police officers responded to an anonymous call Sunday night regarding an event at Gamma Delta Chi fraternity, director of Safety and Security Harry Kinne told The Dartmouth. The caller claimed that activities related to the organization's "Hell Night" were "putting people at risk," Kinne said. Hanover Police Chief Nicholas Giaccone contacted Kinne, requesting that College Safety and Security perform a walk-through of the house with the organization's president, Kevin Gallagher '11, Kinne said. No one in the house was at risk and the call was "not accurate," Kinne said. Gallagher declined to comment.

Environmental Health and Safety Director Michael Blayney issued an e-mail alert to campus on Monday warning about smoke from fires in southern Quebec spreading through the Upper Valley. Wind from the south dispelled much of the smoke Monday afternoon, and forecasted storms should clear up the rest of the smoke by Tuesday, Blayney said in an interview with The Dartmouth. The forest fires pose no immediate threat to the Dartmouth campus, he added. Blayney advised students to avoid "strenuous exercise" outside and for students with respiratory conditions to stay indoors until conditions improve. Monday was first time the College has issued an air quality warning due to forest fires in recent memory, Blayney said. Parts of Vermont and Maine were also affected by the smoke.

More than 100,000 teachers nationwide may face layoffs if senior congressional Democrats do not allocate $23 billion in federal aid to public schools, The Washington Post reported Thursday. Fiscal conservatives in both the House of Representatives and the Senate are fighting education spending measures at a time when states are seeking to trim education spending to balance their budgets. The hardest-hit states include New Jersey, New York and California, according to The Post. Teachers unions estimate that 160,000 jobs will be lost in these states alone, and that 100,000 to 300,000 teachers could be let go nationwide. Teachers across the nation have organized protests, as schools will be left to increase class sizes, cut bus routes and eliminate arts and summer school programs.

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