Short Answer

by The Dartmouth Opinion Staff | 10/11/09 10:00pm

First, I doubt any student was "left reeling" by Scherr's departure. Who even knows what the Provost does? That said, change is needed the Wright administration was flawed. I certainly hope Kim will lead us in the right direction, but at any rate, positions cannot be left unfilled in this critical time. Phil Aubart '10

I don't perceive there to be any mysteriousness or uncertainty in College President Jim Yong Kim's transition period. The administrators that are stepping down had a close working and personal relationship with former College President James Wright. Scherr even announced his desire to step down many months ago. The renewal of our deans is to be expected of a new presidency and is, in my opinion, healthy for the College

Chris Talamo '11

Although transparency is always the ideal that administrative bodies should strive for, there is no need for Parkhurst to air its dirty laundry and broadcast the details of any in-house drama that may have led to so many high-level departures. Doing so would only further cast doubt on the stability and efficacy of Dartmouth's leadership structure. At this point, the best things Kim can do are to quickly fill open positions with qualified and capable candidates, both from the Dartmouth community and beyond, and to move forward with transparent and decisive leadership.Emily Johnson '12

Hiring people takes time, and I feel it is better to carefully consider candidates than to choose someone for the sake of expediency. As long as classes are still taught and Food Court is still open, I am more than willing to allow the administration to transition at its own pace.Emily Baxter '11Due to resignations and upcoming budget cuts, Kim's transition appears to have gotten off to a rocky start. Nevertheless, the most important "change" Kim must introduce is finding replacements for those seats left vacant. Surrounding himself with deans and officers who know Dartmouth, and who know how an administration should be run, will ultimately help Kim's transition to go more smoothly. So far, Kim has built castles in the sky now all he needs to do is put the foundations under them.

Jasper Hicks '12

The hand-wringing and worry over the recent upheaval in Dartmouth's administration is overstated and overblown. An institution with this kind of tradition, character and financial backing can afford to coast for a few months on inertia. We'll be fine.Raza Rasheed '12

While I would like to see a bit more transparency in the administration's decisions, it seems like mostly a coincidence that there has been such turnover. And it is inevitable that Kim will shape the administration somewhat. I just hope that he gets interim successors appointed sooner rather than later.Tom Mandel '11

Although many of the transitions have appeared hasty, a certain amount of change should come with each administration. However, to maintain the good faith of the student body, transparency in these decisions should be paramount.

Jacob Batchelor '12

While the departure of many at Parkhurst may be jarring, like any administrative transition, Kim ought to be able to choose a staff that will respond effectively to his directives and mandate. Ultimately if the student body wants to see any of the changes they have cheered for come about they will give Kim some grace during this challenging transition.

Lucas Farrar '13