Green: Assembly should stay out of alumni battle

by Sam Buntz | 10/10/07 12:29am

Student Body President Travis Green '08 keeps watch during Tuesday night's meeting of the General Assembly.
by Sophie Novack / The Dartmouth

"Are we going to make a statement about what's going on with the Alumni Association?" Laura Little '08 said. "I feel that what is going on is really destructive to our daily lives in ways that we can't see yet."

Green said he believes that the responsibility lies with others outside of the Assembly.

"I don't want to get involved," Green said. "Other groups on campus can do that, but I don't think Student Assembly should."

Green added later, however, that if students disagree with his position they should contact him.

In beginning deliberations on its budget, the Assembly proceeded to apportion one-third of its available funds to the readership program, resolving that it would "maximize the efficiency of the program" and "seek outside funding for the program," according to the bill's text.

By unanimous vote, $25,000 of the Assembly's $64,765.34 budget will be spent on the program.

The Assembly also allocated $1,170 for the Peer Academic Link program.

"We're the last Ivy League school to have any peer academic advising program," Frank Glaser '08, a sponsor of the program, said.

According to the funding legislation, the Peer Academic Link serves to "aid students in making proper, informed decisions about their academic plans."

This bill also passed without debate, with $500 of the PAL allocation restricted for a "Department Chairs PAL barbecue event."

Green, in an interview with The Dartmouth after the meeting, expressed his thoughts on the Committee on Standards in light of the recently announced COS review committee led by Acting Dean of the College Dan Nelson.

"We'll be nominating representatives to the committee, and I've been having conversations with Dean Nelson on a regular basis," Green said.

Last year, the Assembly endorsed the COS Task Force Report by a 30-3 vote. The report recommended changing the standard of evidence used in COS cases from "a preponderance of the evidence" to the higher standard of "clear and convincing evidence." The three dissenters against the resolution were former Assembly President Tim Andreadis '07 and two of his supporters. Although the Assembly voted to support what the report said, it has yet to transform that support into actual legislation.

In an anticipated announcement, Green said that voting on the new Assembly constitution will start Oct. 11.

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