Daily Debriefing

by John Agbaje and Grace D'Arcy | 10/4/07 2:14am

Daniel Cooperman '72 is set to join Apple Inc. as senior vice president, general counsel and secretary, the company announced Sept. 28. "Daniel is an excellent addition to our team and will fit right into Apple's fast-paced culture," Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in a press release. Cooperman graduated from Dartmouth summa cum laude with the highest honors in economics. He then attended Stanford University's business and law schools, graduating in 1976. Cooperman has worked with San Francisco -based law firm McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen and the consulting group McKinsey & Company. Most recently, Cooperman served as the senior vice president, general counsel and secretary at the Oracle Corporation.

In an attempt to combat binge drinking, several colleges have decided to move more classes to Friday to discourage students from taking part in "Thirsty Thursday." In the same vein, some colleges -- including Dartmouth -- have made it compulsory for incoming students to participate in online classes that explain the dangers of alcohol abuse. "The academic and social consequences are just very high, to say nothing of the value of human life," University of Mississippi spokesman Mitchell Diggs told Statesline.com. At California State University, students have been hired to remove unauthorized alcohol advertisements posted around the school. Certain universities also sponsor alcohol-free events, but if students persist in illegal alcohol consumption the administrations often implement stringent punishment policies.

Dartmouth will benefit from a $6.67 million grant from the National Science Foundation, it was announced in late September. The grant, which is being given to a group of universities and science programs throughout the state of New Hampshire, comes to Dartmouth from the NSF's Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research. EPSCoR, which aims to encourage the development of scientific research throughout the country, has provided more than $12.46 million in grants to universities throughout New Hampshire since 2005. Dartmouth's grant is intended to bolster experimentation in nanotechnology, space satellite systems and atmospheric and aquatic environments. "This grant is another step in our efforts to make New Hampshire a place of innovation, where we are creating the jobs of tomorrow today," Governor John Lynch said in a College press release.

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