Sororities offer 267 bids after week-long rush

by Hillary Wool | 10/17/05 5:00am

Women gathered in Collis Thursday evening to hear the results of the week-long sorority rush process, with 267 women receiving bids to enter one of the College's six sororities.

The number of new sorority pledges this fall is similar to the number who received bids last fall but higher than those of previous years, when sorority rush was held during Winter and Spring terms.

Alpha Xi Delta sorority offered 39 bids; Delta Delta Delta sorority, 49; Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority, 31; Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority, 49; Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, 49; and Sigma Delta sorority, 49, according to Zobeida Torres '06, the Panhellenic Council's vice president for recruitment.

Rushees met with their recruitment counselors on Thursday to find out which house invited them back for bid night. The women had been matched with houses based on both their preference and the current sororities' members' preferences.

Panhell's goal was to match as many women as possible with a house, Torres said. A computer program, which had only previously been used during last winter's rush, helped the process run smoothly.

Sorority members expressed satisfaction with the bids handed out.

"I could not be more pleased with the 49 girls in KDE's fall pledge class," KDE President Edy Wilson '06 said. "They are a terrific bunch of women, and I look forward to their involvement in the house."

Lacey Neahr '06, president of Alpha Xi, echoed Wilson's satisfaction.

"I am really excited about our pledge class. I could not ask for a more amazing group of girls," she said.

Kappa President Katie Fahey '06 said rush went smoothly for her house.

"We have a phenomenal group of '08s and couldn't be happier with the group," Fahey said. "They're already showing so much spirit and pride as Kappas and are such a unique and great addition to the house."

Although some women were disappointed by their outcomes, those who received bids expressed a sense of relief and excitement.

"Going through rush was definitely worth it for me. It was a busy week, but it was a fun way to meet older girls, and now it's great to be settling down into my sorority and getting to know the girls there," said Anna Thompson '08, a current Tri-Delt pledge.

"With that being said, there were certainly girls who were disappointed in the process -- who either did not receive invitations from the houses they wanted in certain rounds, or didn't get bids from their first choice houses," Thompson added.

For those women released in rounds one and two or who were unable to complete the pledge process this term, rush will be held again during the winter.

"It's a shame that not everyone who went through rush could get a bid, but we have one more round of rush to go this year, so they should keep that in mind," Fahey said.