SA adopts plan to place course syllabi, book lists online

by Alex Belser | 10/13/04 5:00am

Dartmouth students could be pointing and clicking their way to more information about classes as early as this winter, if the College's student government has its way.

The Student Assembly formally adopted a plan Tuesday night to put course syllabi and book lists online to help students choose their courses.

Assembly members will work with academic departments to compile book lists and with faculty members to gather course syllabi, according to the Assembly resolution, which passed unanimously.

Academic Affairs Committee member Steven Koutsavlis '05 said the process has already begun, with the plan being to first post book lists and later syllabi, which professors often modify up until the beginning of the course. They hope to have at least the book lists up on the Assembly website by Winter term.

In the past, Student Body President Julia Hildreth '05 said the Assembly has spoken with the College about starting its own course guide, which she notes is commonplace at other colleges.

Hildreth said the Dean's office told the Assembly they "didn't have the resources to take on an additional project" so students will take the first step to demonstrate student demand.

The Assembly also plans to publicize a spring report assessing Dartmouth academic departments and to encourage an increase in student submissions to their course evaluation website, according to the resolution.

At last week's meeting, after some debate, the Assembly voted to cut ties with Dartmouth's chapter of the Ivy Council, an 11-year old confederation of student leaders from Ivy League colleges. The move is expected to allow that group to select its own delegates and more easily receive funding from the Council on Student Organizations.