More to HC weekend than beer and bonfire

by Bridget Alex | 10/29/04 5:00am

The temperature forecast may be 50 degrees, but sultry confessions and a Disco Inferno party should make this year's Homecoming a hot one.

In a new event this year, Programming Board and DTV are putting on a "Dashboard Confessional" program in which students will sit behind a car dashboard and video camera to recount their craziest times at Dartmouth. The confessions will be aired so that students can vote for their favorites. The top three contestants will receive Dashboard Confessional tickets, a Dashboard CD and a Howie Day CD.

The Programming Board also has a '90s cover band planned from 10:30 p.m. to midnight. A midnight breakfast from EBAs will follow so that students can binge on pancakes with nostalgic songs still stuck in their heads.

Friday night will entail the annual bonfire, the high point of Homecoming for many students. At 7:25 p.m. the traditional Freshman Sweep will begin in the River Cluster and follow a designated route through campus.

The sweep will merge with the Homecoming parade of upperclassmen and alumni. Prior to the parade, alumni and upperclassmen are invited to the D Night Oasis at Blunt Alumni Center tent to "get warm, get food, get the spirit," according to the Dartmouth alumni website.

The president of the alumni council, College President James Wright and two varsity captains will give speeches, followed by the bonfire on the Green.

As usual the Greek system has ensured that parties will not be hard to find. Many houses are hosting parties open to campus as well as invitation-only events.

There are some noteworthy theme parties this weekend, and thanks to daylight savings, students will get an extra hour of revelry Saturday night.

If students prefer to use this hour "stayin' alive," Tabard will host The Ultimate Disco Inferno. Entry will cost $1 at the door for local charities and "out of sight vibes and cosmic threads [are] appropriate as always," said president Lindsey Davis '05.

For those not thoroughly scared by disco, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity will host its annual Halloween costume party, ShocktoberFest, Saturday.

"Last year one girl came as an orgy. She wore a skin-toned body suit and attached blow-up dolls of all shapes and sizes," said Sig Ep social chair Kevin Goldstein '05.

Alpha Delta will have a band and party on Saturday night. Though not yet confirmed, the house hopes to feature "The Spinto Band."

Although Alpha Xi sorority will not hold any functions open to campus this weekend, like many houses, it has an activity planned to welcome back alumni. Their annual alumni brunch is "eagerly anticipated by both alums and sisters as a time to catch up with girls that have already graduated," said Jess Smith '05.

Some Homecoming activities are already underway, such as the bonfire building, which began yesterday morning. Building will continue today, accompanied by food, T-shirt sales and a possible Fusion performance.

Athletic events this weekend include today's women's ice hockey game and a women's tennis invitational, crew scrimmage, rugby match, field hockey and a men's ice hockey game on Saturday.

Dartmouth's football team will play Harvard Saturday afternoon, followed by post-game gatherings at many Greek houses.