Committee on Standards candidate statements

by Compiled by The Dartmouth | 4/29/03 5:00am

Ryan M. Bennett '04

It has been a tremendous honor to be a member of the Committee on Standards. I am running for re-election certainly not because I enjoy adjudicating my peers; the whole process is extremely agonizing for me. I strongly believe that everyone here is remarkable and I shudder at the thought of having to send someone home. That is why I assume my COS responsibilities very seriously and why I strive to function as a strong student advocate. When I first receive a case packet, I always read it several times so that I can fully appreciate the nature of each unique situation. From that point on, I continually think of questions and points I can raise to substantiate claims of innocence. I always defend students to the best of my ability while protecting our Honor Principle. I have been an outspoken advocate and a committed member to the COS for the last four terms. If re-elected, I will put my experience to good use for you next year.

Jordan Cooper '04

I have served on the COS for the past four terms and in that time I have learned what it takes to be an effective student body representative. My goal is to give every student who comes before the committee a fair hearing and I often find myself taking on the role of devil's advocate to ensure that my fellow students are given every possible chance to prove their innocence. Throughout my tenure, I have not only served as a committee member, but also as an advisor and a resource to numerous students who have gone before the committee. Going before the COS can be a very unnerving and confusing experience. I look forward to the opportunity to help my fellow classmates get through the process with as little anxiety as possible. I believe that I can represent students from all walks of Dartmouth life, and I am attuned to the stresses that sometimes place people in difficult situations. A vote for me is a vote for justice and a student voice.

Katie Crawford '04

My name is Katie Crawford. I am an '04 government major running for the Committee on Standards. I want to serve in this position because I believe that this body is essential to maintaining and enforcing the integrity of Dartmouth College. It is important to the future of Dartmouth as an institution, as well as its current and future graduates, that the principles of honor remain high. This body serves to maintain a certain consistency in the application and enforcement of these principles. I would be a committed and fair member of this body. Each case must be examined individually but not without the considerations of precedent. I do believe however, that the Committee may want to examine some potential changes. I am suggesting that there may be a need for a smaller body made up of relevant administrators and members of COS that decides whether or not a case should even go before COS. I believe that the entire process is very taxing on everyone involved and thus a case should only be heard if probable cause has been demonstrated. Vote for Katie Crawford for COS.

Sara Hudson '05

I am an Economics and Government double major with a minor in French and am currently considering a career in international law. I have served on Student Assembly for two years and was Vice President of Communications this past Winter term. I am a member of Dartmouth's Mock Trial Team and the Committee on Student Organizations and participate in the Big Brother Big Sister program. I joined the Greek System in the winter and will serve as Vice President of Finance for my house this summer. My interest in law led to my desire to serve on the Committee on Standards. I believe that it is very important for everyone to have a fair and impartial hearing that adheres as closely as possible to the theory of due process embedded in the American legal system. Just because Dartmouth's judicial system is not formally bound to the U.S. Constitution does not mean that these rights should be compromised in any way. Thank you for your consideration. Don't forget to vote.

Jenny E. Jun '05

Dartmouth is built on the character of the student body. This strength of character is largely reflected in all areas of Dartmouth life. It is important to promote the values of honesty, integrity and justice that establish the high standards of our school. The Committee on Standards works to reinforce these principles in order to create an environment that harbors respect and equality for all members of its community.

I believe that it is essential to uphold both the Academic Honor Principle and Standards of Conduct so that Dartmouth can be successful as an academic institution. As a member of COS, I would ensure fairness and impartiality in all situations. It is important to me that Dartmouth continues to maintain a high level of academic morality. I feel that I could ensure this, not only in principle but also in practice.

Julia Keane '04

Most candidates for a position on COS share integrity, fairness and a sense of duty to fellow students. I have all of these things; what separates me from other candidates is a perspective on the purpose of a student judicial board. I have experience in leadership of a wide range of organizations, which has given me great perspective on the experiences of Dartmouth students.

In particular, my experiences on the Panhellenic Council and as a leader in my sorority have helped me to develop an ability to assess problems without bias and to make decisions for the greater good. I see COS as an organization that can encourage a sense of responsibility and community. Upholding standards of accountability is part of this; the more active component is finding solutions that do more than gloss over problems. I am committed to solving problems in a way that will benefit all parties to a conflict.

Alison C. Kelley '04

I am a unique candidate for the Committee on Standards. I have experience with the COS on both sides of the table. The past academic year I was elected to serve on the COS. As a COS member, I worked in hearings to consider each student's position. It is important for me to listen to the student voice, because I know what it is like to be on the other side of the table.

In my freshman year, I went before COS for an alleged academic honor code violation. I was found not responsible for the alleged violation, accurately showing that I did not violate Dartmouth policy. Having gone through a hearing first hand, I understand the needs of students in COS hearings. This understanding is exactly why there are students on COS. Wouldn't you feel reassured in a COS hearing to know a student on the committee understands your position?

My experience on both sides of the table makes me a valuable member of the COS. Having been a UGA, in a sorority and involved in many student groups, I am in touch with different issues that come before the COS. By voting for me, you put an informed, experienced and unique student voice on the Committee on Standards.

Curtis Leitner '04

I successfully applied to join the COS this winter, and I would love the chance to continue next year. Most people don't realize the extent of student involvement on the COS. Two of five votes for a given hearing are held by student members, so the question becomes: Who do you want looking out for the interests of Dartmouth Students?

I am not embarassed about speaking up to faculty and administration members I disagree with. In my opinion, that is a crucial responsibility of a COS member. No student should be treated unfairly, or in a manner inconsistent other similarly situated students. I would do everything I can to make sure this happens. Please remember to vote!

Zachary Rubeo '05

At an institution as prestigious as Dartmouth, academic integrity is of paramount importance. I feel that over my past year and a half, I have demonstrated this integrity -- not only in academics, but personal integrity as well. I value these traits very highly. Serving on the Committee on Standards would be a welcome, and extremely valuable, experience in my Dartmouth career. It would provide me the opportunity to actively ensure that academic honesty remain an invaluable tenant on this campus. I have experience in serving on a College committee (I am currently one of two student representatives on the Committee on Instruction), but also experience in leadership (I am Activities Co-Chair of the 2005 Class Council). I would very much like to use my experiences, as well as the integrity that I feel I have, to serve the Dartmouth campus on the COS.

Nick Rule '04

I would say that my primary motivation in seeking a position on the COS is a result of a case I heard about last year. It's rumored that an openly lesbian student was suspended in a COS hearing while one of the members deciding on her case created and maintained an anti-gay website. It bothers me to think that there are people in leadership positions who express such ignorance and bigotry. The solution to this, then, is obviously for more people to stand up and be willing to take on those roles. My experience as a DAPA, SAPA and EDPA gives me a unique perspective on adjudication procedures and what they mean to the students involved. Also, as a UGA for two years I've seen a lot of judicial problems develop at ground-zero. I think that I could offer a voice that may not otherwise be heard on the COS. It's such an important organization, one that can seriously affect the lives of students in a really profound way. I'd like to be a part of that process. I'd like to make sure that the case I mentioned would stay a rumor, rather than ever become a truth.

Jeffrey Shaw '04

Hi, I'm Jeff Shaw, and I'm an '04 running for the COS. I think that I am qualified to serve on this committee for a few reasons. First, I served on the Organizational Adjudication Committee for the past year, which functions very similarly to the Committee on Standards. Also, I have worked on many committees during the past three years where students, faculty and administrators have worked together to achieve a common goal, as I would aim to do on the COS. Finally, I believe the COS is a significant part of this institution, and I will work to help the committee function as well as it can. Thanks for your time, and vote for me for the COS on Election Day.

Phoebe Katz '05, Neha Kulkarhi '05, Cristina Mahill '04 and Julie Webb '04 are also running for positions on the Committee on Standards.