Trustees to discuss financial issues

by Julia Levy | 11/10/00 6:00am

Discussion of financial matters, the Initiative and College facilities are on the docket for the Board of Trustees this weekend, as they gather in Hanover for their annual fall meeting.

According to Chair of the Board of Trustees William King '63, the community should not anticipate any major announcements this weekend.

Although he said the Trustees will discuss the capital campaign, as well as the College budget for next year as part of their talks on College finances, he dispelled the rumor that College President James Wright would announce the new campaign -- which would be his second big initiative as president -- this weekend.

King said no such announcement was in the works for this meeting.

"There's a lot of planning that needs to go into that," he said, explaining that there was not yet a specific release time or date for the next capital campaign.

"You can think of this as a hard working meeting of the board," King said. The meeting is the last of their five annual gatherings for the year 2000.

King said Dean of the College James Larimore would give the Board an update on progress that has been made so far in implementing the Initiative.

In facilities meetings, King said the Trustees plan to talk about "some of the planning for various projects that we have in mind."

The only meeting that is open to students this weekend is today from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Wheelock Room of the Hanover Inn.

"We encourage all students to come talk to us," King said.

During previous weekend meetings, the Trustees held Saturday morning breakfasts that students who had the initiative to reserve a place and the motivation to make it over to the Hanover Inn at 8 a.m. could attend.

King said this fall, the Trustees decided the early evening format was more open.

"We found it much better to have it in the afternoon," he said. "We can be available to any student."

Meetings officially started yesterday afternoon at 1:30 p.m., and they will continue throughout the weekend.

After the open student reception this afternoon, the Trustees will attend a dinner at the President's house for newly tenured professors.

King said the Trustees are looking forward to a tour through the new Berry library -- a project that they have seen in many stages.

The Board also plans to cheer on Dartmouth at the football game tomorrow, and they have a dinner scheduled tomorrow evening honoring former coach Bob Blackman, who recently passed away.